Prototype: Cones

Fusing plastic for the cones in order to create a waterproof lining and then wrapping it with satin. However, after experimenting with fused plastic, including the types of plastic used and amount of heat exerted on the plastic (which affects how much air bubbles will be trapped inside; more air bubbles give a more crocodile-like skin texture at the expense of hardness), I kind of like the patterns and groves formed from the melting process of the plastics.


Fusing plastic by adding a layer of greaseproof paper
Different types of plastics
fused plastic under different heat treatment. From left: max heat to lower heat

Loving the faux leather effect formed from fusing plastics, I decided to experiment by adding raffia strings as abstract chinoiserie embroideries by fusing them together. I also tested out the durability of the plastics by filling them up with water.

Fused fabric scraps from my peers (because sustainability) but they fall off easily.

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