Creating the skirt

Bought 6m of organza to create a maxi skirt with an elastic waist. Dinie showed me a better way of sewing by simply fastening the skirt and elastic together¬†with the foot and stretching the elastic while putting my foot on the pedal instead of fastening the elastic with lots of pins (which is what I’ve been doing).

And since I want some¬†volume instead of a straight cut, Galina suggested a bias cut so she helped me in using a faster method in creating a full circle cut by folding the fabric into a square to create a quadrant and then marking the curved side of the quadrant to get the circumference (I’ve been using chalk to mark the circumference by taking reference from every 5 degree, which is time consuming). I’m so glad that Galina taught me that faster method.

I’m so glad for the advice and tutelage I’ve been given in making the skirt from both Galina and my peers.


However, I realised that 6m of fabric will not be enough since I’m making a bias cut (initially wanted it to be double-layered) and since the material is sheer, a single layered skirt will be pretty translucent and I need to solve this.

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