Solution for translucent skirt

How I decided to solve this issue is to get white fabric to form a maxi lining. I’m so thankful towards Galina in providing me with the skirting for the skirt.


With white lining underneath

While fixing the tech parts of the dress, realised that the conductive threads tend to touch when its loose (since mine goes over the shoulder so I need some slack when threading) so Galina suggested I used wires instead. So I soldered the wires to the LED tips and insulate them with a layer of plastic. Then, I fused the plastic in place so the wires won’t touch each other.


soldered the wires with the LEDs and use a heat gun to fuse an insulating cable over to insulate and isolate the wires

Aside from this, finished the headdress for the outfit to add a visual interest to the overall look. Also, I created an eyepiece to be worn on the runway. All these pieces are made with leftover plastics.

using penknife to score the surface in order to make pleats on plastic
created an eyepiece with leftover plastics

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