Envisioning a world with potable water as a scarce resource, BROMELIAD seeks to address this issue with a simple solution — extracting water from the atmosphere. Even though Earth is made up of 70% water, freshwater makes up only 2.5% of the world’s water. Even so, only 0.007% of Earth’s freshwater is available to cater the needs of her 6.8 billion human inhabitants (National Geographic, Freshwater Crisis).

Looking at Singapore’s tropical climate with its high humidity and temperature year round, BROMELIAD draws on these qualities in order to effectively help it draw water from the air. By doing so, BROMELIAD hopes to alleviate our water footprint by relying less on bottled water for hydration and drink water produced from the air around us instead.


As air enters the hole of the cones, the water vapour will condense and streams down to the filters in the cone before its stored. As the water collects, BROMELIAD will get heavier and this will compel the wearer to drink the water stored so as to relieve the weight. This, in turn, will help wearers in maintaining optimum hydration.

As the water travels up the tube, the LEDs will light up, triggered by the pressure sensor when the wearer suck on the mouthpiece of the tube.

In keeping up with my environmental ethos, the pieces of BROMELIAD are made from recycled plastics (those that are non-toxic and can be recycled) to reduce waste and carbon footprint. Even the “embroidered chinoiserie” patterns on the cones are made from fused plastics. The leather-like textures of the fused plastics has a pleasing contrast with the sheer organza skirt.

Though most of the technological aspects of BROMELIAD are currently conceptual, I do hope to be able to make this outfit a reality in the future.

Bromeliad from Iskandar Ruhaizat on Vimeo.

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