Here are my 6 personae for The Dominion Post:


Surfer Mom


Name: Alice Glass (40)

Gender/Orientation: F/Hetero

Personal Statement: “I like to know what’s happening, especially around Island Bay. My children is my top priority and I want them to be safe and have a better life.”

Role: Community member and swimmer. Devote full attention to task at hand.

Occupation: Housewife

Lives: Island Bay with her partner and two children. Her 10yo son has mild autism.

Access: Prefers using the laptop on the bed after the children are asleep. Otherwise, reading the newspaper over coffee on weekends.

Language: English


Loyal Lorde Fan

Photo credit: Ievan Darwin

Name: Ievan Darwin (18)

Gender/Orientation: M/Gay

Personal Statement: “I don’t actively seek news; I usually get news from Facebook posts that appears on my feed. I prefer looking at images than to see whole chunks of text.”

Role: Skimmer. Only seeks out interesting news (Lorde and issues back in the states)

Occupation: Fashion undergraduate at CoCA; teaches aerial silk at a dance school part-time.

Lives: The Cube hall

Access: A technophile constantly looking at his social media feed while listening to Lorde.

Language: English


Flower Power

Photo credit: Lenne Chai

Name: Lenne Chai (32)

Gender/Orientation: F/Bisexual

Personal Statement: “Humans of New York’s my inspiration. Everything has a story to tell, even the grass you’re step on right now.”

Role: Ecofeminist and avid photographer. Loves to read stories pertaining to humanitarian and environmental issues.

Occupation: Fashion stylist and photographer

Lives: Miramar with three other female flatmates

Access: Always carry her Sony a6300 and iPhone X. 

Language: English, Mandarin



Staunch Shopkeeper

Photo credit: Meinzahn |

Name: Bharat Singh (82)

Gender/Orientation: M/Hetero

Personal Statement: “I usually use my phone to contact my family and friends. I sometimes watch Punjabi TV shows and music videos.”

Role: Multitasking between watching the television/reading the newspaper for news while eyeing intently at shoppers and the security camera. A Toyota fan.

Occupation: Dollar $tore owner

Lives: New Plymouth, Taranaki

Access: Prefers traditional media channels; has a smartphone but doesn’t use it to read news.

Language: Punjabi, English


Busy CEO

Photo credit: The Wall Street Journal

Name: Harvey Kamana (55)

Gender/Orientation: M/Hetero

Personal Statement: “I read voraciously on international news and business sections from international as well as local press. Its important to be continuously updated on the world.”

Role: Has a PA that updates him on top news and daily schedules.

Occupation: CEO of the Asia-Pacific branch of an MNC

Lives: Mainly Auckland with his partner and son in the CBD; travels to other branches as well

Access: Reads off his iPad over his desk every morning. Updates from the newspapers and screens on the plane when travelling.

Language: English, Māori


International  Girl

Photo credit: News Channel Singapore

Name: Naomi Smalls (28)

Gender/Orientation: F/Hetero

Personal Statement: “I love to take risks and go on impromptu travels. Be it hop on a random bus and get off at random bus stops or book a flight on a whim, there is so much to learn.”

Role: Avid backpacker. Relies on wifi often to update her travel blog, Snapchat and Instagram for her followers.

Occupation: Travel blogger

Lives: “I’m a citizen of the world”; Manekau, Auckland

Access: Listens to radio podcasts on the go. Usually gets her daily fix of news from curated sources, with The Dominion Post being one.

Language: English, intermediate French


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