Part I: “You Don’t Need Much Space To Have Sex”

A response to Singapore’s Senior Minister of State Josephine Teo on her (in)famous quote, “you don’t need much space to have sex”, this photo series takes you on a journey that yes, you don’t need much (personal and private) space to have sex; do it in public (just don’t get caught)!

This preliminary oeuvre seeks to explore point-of-views in image-making and colour.


Public sex is usually meet, fuck, and go, and I want a way to present this simple way of sexual gratification when you can’t host a (sex) session in private at your own home. What does public sex mean?

  • stigmatisation of queer people resulting it harder for queers to have sex in their own homes
  • discriminatory laws in public housing against queer people
  • fetish


It’ll be a series of self-portraits as I want to show the feeling of emptiness and its usually very selfish with zero intimacy. Its me, me, me.


*Beer Emoji*
*Beer Emoji* | original image
for now
for now | original image
*Aubergine emoji**Squirting Emoji**Tongue-Licking Face Emoji*

Composite shot by combining two images (skewing and distorting the legs with cmd+T). Will be interesting to see how the composite shot will work across the photo series.


I seek to understand how the way the audience see the images change if its voyeuristic or seemingly taken from an active participant/someone who’s there observing up close. What happens if I put both points of view in my image?


The red filter is associated with danger, lust, and thrill, especially since its sex done in a public setting (Looks too ‘art’ if the intention is raw). If I’m going the ‘art’ way, other possibilities could include shyness, afraid of being found out, and lost in the moment; and the colour changes according to the mood as red and its attached semiotics is too predictable.


Moving forward, I’d like to explore more with colours and other things such as motion and flash a la Nan Goldin or Juergen Teller.


Photographers to consider:

Steven Meisel’s Dogging

Philip Lorca’s The Hustlers

Izima Kaoru Dead Beautiful Woman

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