Category: Research

Ego: Simi Judas

In this project, I am trying not to be literal in my compositions and make it more personal. I also have a flow in my compositions in terms of colour and methods of medium and application. The colour blue: 1, 3, 5, 8, 10, 12. 1st series: Analogous 3 Triad harmony: 7, 10 Tetrad harmony: 9, 12 Last row: Faces… Read more →

Rhyme: Guess I Can Be Yayoi Kusama Now

Nursery Rhymes, according to Katherine Elwes, have a deeper meaning and not just mere words and lullabies. The simple, rhythmic verses, usually in a quartet, are easy to read and remember. This style is also apparent in propaganda materials. Singapore post-independent utilises such songs as most people are uneducated at that time. I am greatly influenced by dadaism and pop… Read more →

Can I Be Yayoi Kusama?

When I think of dots and lines, Yayoi Kusama naturally comes to mind but stippling is too much work to do given the time frame.   So I make do with what I have and did line-drawing together with mono prints and experiment with different materials in trying to find the perfect way to express¬†emotions through lines, dots, and spaces.… Read more →

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