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Forbidden Froot

  Froot (n): A slang for a (usually) effeminate homosexual guy. *To avoid confusion, and with respect to the character, all pronouns pertaining to Adam/Ariel shall be female i.e. she, her. She will be referred to as Adam pre-op and Ariel post-op.   Fairy tale: The Little Mermaid Group members: Iskandar, Kaywerlyn, Matthew   Artist Statement: In The Little Mermaid, Ariel… Read more →

Impossibilities of Being: Twisted Kids

To me dreams can be composed of random mini-sequences; dreamscapes are another frontier of our subconscious that manifest and shows itself after being suppressed during our consciousness when we are awake. This piece is titled ‘Twisted Kids’ as these are some of the most vivid dreams I had as a child. The sequence starts with me waking up, intoxicated, ambling around… Read more →

Class Exercise 2

Throwing Shade Under Shade (low angle) We shelter our pallid skins behind spiked palm fronds that sways in the breeze yet cruelly slice the zephyr.   . Across The Bridge . (canting) To muster enough courage to traverse a segmented passageway to reach the other side with nothing, is the purest form of bravery.   Through The Looking Glass (extreme close-up) What have we… Read more →

Assignment 1b) Fire And Ice

Some say the world will end in fire,  Some say in ice.  From what I’ve tasted of desire  I hold with those who favor fire.  But if it had to perish twice,  I think I know enough of hate  To say that for destruction ice  Is also great  And would suffice. – Robert Frost The main theme in Robert Frost’s… Read more →

Assignment 1a) H-O-H

The overarching title of my Assignment 1a is H-O-H, symbolising the mythical phoenix of Japanese lore, ho-oh, and the chemical formula for water. Both undergoes a never-ending cycle that reflects a sense of eternity yet ephemeral.     I. Ma’af Zahir Batin This series of self-portraits uses hands to portray my identity as it is the most pliable anatomy and how they are… Read more →

Beautiful Bleak Bodies

A photographer. A painter. A writer. A curator. John Coplans is known for all these roles save for one, be beaten down by age. Initially trained as a painter who then moved to the US, Coplans stopped making paintings in the early 60s before he got back into the arts again as a photographer. Coplans started taking self-portraits at 62, after he… Read more →

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