Category: Typographic Portrait (process)

The “I” in portraIt

Since the number of portraits have been reduced┬áto four, I’ve narrowed down the candidates to be: Agender Ice Queen Runner Child/Nostalgia   Which, to give some sort of coherence, I’ve changed them to associate myself with different Greek deities: Hecate’s Acolyte Heart of Hera Hermes’s Prodigy Son of Aphrodite     A Takato Yamamoto inspired piece. Attempting to put in… Read more →

And I’m A…

For this typographic portrait project, I’ve came up with a list of “I ams” as to what truly represents me. Ice Queen icy demeanour cool hues bleak desolate landscapes materials thermocolour and acrylic paint melted ice and wax resist needles Runner Using materials often associated with running materials running track “pebbles” collage of runners Muslim Does being Muslim means I’ve… Read more →

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