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BROMELIAD Envisioning a world with potable water as a scarce resource, BROMELIAD seeks to address this issue with a simple solution — extracting water from the atmosphere. Even though Earth is made up of 70% water, freshwater makes up only 2.5% of the world’s water. Even so, only 0.007% of Earth’s freshwater is available to cater the needs of her… Read more →

D-Day: Walk, Walk Fahsyun Baby!

So the day has come for us to showcase our works at Mangosteen Singapore Fashion Show for RÊVE – Dream Away Internationally. It was pretty nerve-wracking as I will be opening the show for the team. I actually spent time looking at runway shows and the first model enters with a bang to attract the crowd’s attention. So I decided… Read more →

Make Up

Make up wise, I’m going for a dramatic look with strong, harsh contouring to highlight the cheekbone and jawline. Disney’s Maleficent truly inspire my make up direction, conjuring up a dark and sombre look for a dystopian feel. The day before: Test run of the make up after rehearsal to see whether it fits the theme. Read more →

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