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User Testing

Turns out the max size for video upload is 3MB lol.   In this drive are folders for three user testers.   I realised that the recording function in XD is a screen capture and does not record the person using it as well (idk why screen capturing isn’t the first thing that I’d thought of). But to redo… Read more →

Inspirational sites

In the video, its confounding and thus, I attempt to create a more user-friendly site providing the least clicks with regards to the pathways. Some things I had in mind include using grids, lesser headline text links and using colour to compartmentalise the different news categories. I also consider other factors such as ads and other monetising initiatives such as… Read more →


Here are my 6 personae for The Dominion Post:   Surfer Mom Name: Alice Glass (40) Gender/Orientation: F/Hetero Personal Statement: “I like to know what’s happening, especially around Island Bay. My children is my top priority and I want them to be safe and have a better life.” Role: Community member and swimmer. Devote full attention to task at hand.… Read more →

Navigating The Dominion Post Site

Navigating through print and web may be different, but the fundamental rules of design still applies to both such as typography, hierarchy, layout, and colour, just to name a few. Started off with an exercise that requires us to look at the print copy of The Dominion Post, a local Wellington newspaper. Then look at how the information is presented,… Read more →

Evolution of Women in Print

In this post, I will be focusing on the role of women in print from the 17th Century onwards and how art nouveau changes its approach when placing women in print.   With the printing press becomes a popular method for mass circulation of art, engravings were common, due to majority of the publics being illiterate. The below example also includes a… Read more →

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