BROMELIAD Envisioning a world with potable water as a scarce resource, BROMELIAD seeks to address this issue with a simple solution — extracting water from the atmosphere. Even though Earth is made up of 70% water, freshwater makes up only 2.5% of the world’s water. Even so, only 0.007% of Earth’s freshwater is available to cater the needs of her… Read more →

D-Day: Walk, Walk Fahsyun Baby!

So the day has come for us to showcase our works at Mangosteen Singapore Fashion Show for RÊVE – Dream Away Internationally. It was pretty nerve-wracking as I will be opening the show for the team. I actually spent time looking at runway shows and the first model enters with a bang to attract the crowd’s attention. So I decided… Read more →


Faced a few setbacks with the lighting. Its hard for the LEDs to light up so I had to rewire them again. Furthermore, the pressure sensor’s spoilt on the day itself so I have to edit the threshold for the sensor in my coding on Arduino to zero and make the lights blink together instead.   Initial concept: Light’s supposed… Read more →

Make Up

Make up wise, I’m going for a dramatic look with strong, harsh contouring to highlight the cheekbone and jawline. Disney’s Maleficent truly inspire my make up direction, conjuring up a dark and sombre look for a dystopian feel. The day before: Test run of the make up after rehearsal to see whether it fits the theme. Read more →

Creating the skirt

Bought 6m of organza to create a maxi skirt with an elastic waist. Dinie showed me a better way of sewing by simply fastening the skirt and elastic together with the foot and stretching the elastic while putting my foot on the pedal instead of fastening the elastic with lots of pins (which is what I’ve been doing). And since I… Read more →

Process: Dress

As the dress will sag once filled with water, Galina suggested making a strap to hold it in place. Hence, I used leftover plastic to create a wavy strap that mimics the movement of flowing water. In fact, the other plastic pieces are created by cutting from leftover plastics or by fusing smaller pieces of plastics together. This is in line… Read more →

Prototype: Cones

Fusing plastic for the cones in order to create a waterproof lining and then wrapping it with satin. However, after experimenting with fused plastic, including the types of plastic used and amount of heat exerted on the plastic (which affects how much air bubbles will be trapped inside; more air bubbles give a more crocodile-like skin texture at the expense… Read more →

Filtration system

Technology-wise, I’m researching on the different ways to create a filtration system for the cones. I’ve narrowed down to a few concept that I found interesting:   Extracting water from humid air (1) Fontus The cooler consists of two parts, the upper side and the lower side. When there’s electricity, it will heat up the lower side and cools the… Read more →

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