Moodboard: Bromeliad

Decides to go with Bromeliad as its hard to find materials to make kombucha skins and I like the idea of extracting water from the air, especially in Singapore with its high humidity. I prefer my clothes to be black and white (maybe with a hint of colour) and wish to project this onto my final design. Since its just one… Read more →

Concept 2: Bromeliad

With water as a scarce resource, Bromeliad seeks to draw water from the humidity of the atmosphere. Sharing its name with the bromeliad plant, this dress collects the water in reservoirs until it becomes too heavy to be worn, thus forcing the wearer to drink and hydrate in order to alleviate the weight. In-built pressure sensors on the mouthpiece makes the LED… Read more →

Concept 1 WIP: Rain Repeller

Recently there has been unpredictable weather patterns in Singapore (some sources claim to be an effect of global warming) and I foresee a more unpredictable pattern in the future. To combat this, an idea came to mind: combining a rain coat with everyday wear. The head cover is inspired by the nautilus shell, but deconstructed to make the different segments of… Read more →

Symbiotic biomimicry

I have an affinity towards projects that are related to nature and this project “portable pelts” is no exception. Its a creation of Tara Baoth Mooney, a graduate from the London College of Fashion’s Centre for Sustainable Fashion. Though not biomimicry per se, its a symbiotic biomimicry, instead mimics the relationship between two organism. In this case, between moss and trees. For her,… Read more →

Evolution of Women in Print

In this post, I will be focusing on the role of women in print from the 17th Century onwards and how art nouveau changes its approach when placing women in print.   With the printing press becomes a popular method for mass circulation of art, engravings were common, due to majority of the publics being illiterate. The below example also includes a… Read more →

The Draw of Nostalgia

There is something bittersweet about the notion of nostalgia; with its sepia-tinted flashbacks that calls out to the stirrings of ones’ insides. We romanticise, like William Morris’s yearnings for the yesteryears, due to our familiarity, or the belief that we have so far went astray from the illuminating periods from the past that our ancestors will scorn at the state… Read more →

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