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Artist Statement

Freedom To Be In this age where LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) rights is gaining traction, the T in the equation still faces alienation, even within the LGBT community. Local events to raise awareness pertaining to LGBT issues such as Pink Dot tend to have a strong emphasis on gay and lesbian issues. Freedom To Be addresses this gap by taking… Read more →

The Tranny Diaries

Chosen subject: Chinese Buddhism Group Mates: Christy Stephanie, Iskandar Ruhaizat, Juliana Ang, Raiza Feroz Museum Visited: Asian Civilisation Museum Chosen Object: Research: We decided to appropriate Guanyin as we felt that the issue on gender identity is even more pronounced now than ever; Guanyin is the perfect embodiment to present this situation. Facing stigma due to their gender orientation, transexuals… Read more →

Idea Proposal: Essay

What is Chinese Buddhist art? Compare two sculptures and address the question of change in art and religion when Buddhism arrives in China. The images need to be from lecture or from the Asian Civilizations Museum. Realised I’ve done my essay wrongly (skewering more towards theology and the comparison only occupies a small portion) so I redid my proposal.  … Read more →

Week 2: Journal

I need to make a habit of checking OSS. Sorry about this (and a few others) super belated posts!   “What is your favourite Buddhist Temple in Singapore? Why?”   First of all, I am guilty of generalising every Chinese temples as well, Chinese temples, disregarding the complexity of the various religions worshipped by the Chinese. Not only are there… Read more →

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