Tag: gender identity

The Tranny Diaries

Chosen subject: Chinese Buddhism Group Mates: Christy Stephanie, Iskandar Ruhaizat, Juliana Ang, Raiza Feroz Museum Visited: Asian Civilisation Museum Chosen Object: Research: We decided to appropriate Guanyin as we felt that the issue on gender identity is even more pronounced now than ever; Guanyin is the perfect embodiment to present this situation. Facing stigma due to their gender orientation, transexuals… Read more →

Forbidden Froot

  Froot (n): A slang for a (usually) effeminate homosexual guy. *To avoid confusion, and with┬árespect to the character, all pronouns pertaining to Adam/Ariel shall be female i.e. she, her. She will be referred to as Adam pre-op and Ariel post-op.   Fairy tale: The Little Mermaid Group members: Iskandar, Kaywerlyn, Matthew   Artist Statement: In The Little Mermaid, Ariel… Read more →

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