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ASCENSION is an interactive installation that aims transports the users to a world beyond the one they are familiar with. The artists borrows the idea of a Mandala ,a chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a microcosm of the universe and the Audience interacts with it through the use of light.
ASCENSION stimulates your senses, immersing you in sound and lights that responds to your engagement with it. Light controls the installation, and it becomes alive as the light meets the centre of the circle, bringing forth this idea of enlightenment.

ASCENSION brings forth ideas of ancient time and infuse it into modern art, connecting  One with the Universe and channelling our consciousness through the installation as we become lost in it.


Let us ascend.


Project by Issac Ting, Darryl Lim and Nathanael Goh





( The making of ) ASCENSION


Lets talk about the process


When we began we just had so many different ideas floating about. What can we do using a Camera, projectors and space.The answer?


So many things. Infinite possibilities .

We started off with exploring the school, staying behind each day till all the lights went out, the we took the projectors out and went around, trying every inch of the school.


We did that literally for weeks. 


Space, we believe, is a key element of ASCENSION.

What you project on to is just as important, if not more so , than what you actually project onto.

We had a few ideas that we tried. Outside out ADM, the Sunken Plaza, classroom, the walkway outside of the IM room, B1-1….  It took us many tries and a lot of trial and error before we managed to find the spot we wanted.













Truth be told, we had way too many ideas that we wanted to try and explore until we actually did it.  We had the idea of projecting on glass and water, but a quick experiment showed how bad an idea it was. We thought of making our own sensors to control the interaction but hours were spent and wasted with nothing to show for. We tried, failed and the clock was ticking.  Things were not smooth sailing.


One day after class, we decided that we had to decide something and do it fast.  We did not need a very complicated mechanics to make our idea work, we did not need a huge space to make it immersive, we didn’t need anything fancy. Just the right space, the right  visuals and the right concept to fit it in place



Each of us had to handle different roles or ASCENSION would never have worked.


Darryl dived down into finding the right visuals, exploring Max furiously, Nat worked on getting the interaction aspect  of it , creating a light tracker and I went about creating the space.


When it was finally time, the three of us came together to put all our handwork together.




Before we can begin the filming, preparations had to be made.  Filming in the dark meant that lighting was a problem. If we used a low entry camera, the footage may end up becoming too grainy and all our efforts would have been in vain.   In order for the space to be truly immersive, we had to mask it and hide what make the stood out like a sore thumb.



Clothe was used to cover areas that were unsightly. Setting up took practice, we had to try, fail and then try again.  A few nights were spent finding a way for the space to bring out the essence of the visuals.









The shoot itself was tensed.  We knew that whether our project makes or breaks depended on it.  A short list of the shots we needed was discussed and cameras were placed in place .


IMG_1579 IMG_1580 3F2A2184 





The Modern Prometheus



“I do know that for the sympathy of one living being, I would make peace with all. I have love in me the likes of which you can scarcely imagine and rage the likes of which you would not believe. If I cannot satisfy the one, I will indulge the other.”
― Mary ShelleyFrankenstein




Inspired by Mary Shelly’s, The Modern Prometheus, the artists decided to take on this old classic and bring across the idea of the Monster as a blank slate.
The interaction with the artwork is largely based on mimicry. A face is projected onto the mask and the mask follows the person standing in front of the installation.



The artwork, also titled The Modern Prometheus, brings across this simple idea of the mimicry of the creation and the creator. The head is like the Monster in the book , limited in capabilities and child-like. It is for us to teach it to either be good or evil. The work serve as a reminder to all creators, artists and makers the role that we have in the lives of our creations. It can be capable of reflecting compassion just as well as cruelty. It is capable of both doing good in the world and evil. Our duality is reflected in the works we create and we have to choose and be conscious of our decisions.






frank12 frank11 frank10 frank9




In the book, the Monster was treated with cruelty and it became the monster that they projected him to be.   In our works we recreate to moment of “life” and make you ponder at this one moment how do you react to this uncanny creation.

We wanted the very moment that  made Victor Frankenstein utter those two words.


“Its alive!”


frank7 copy

frank8 frank5