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This week I attempted to create a system for my work.

By system I define it as a means of interaction which unifies the different medium used in the game.

One way which I attempted to do so is through a simulation,  in which I ‘project’ the images onto a surface as though the are real projections.

The images are created using decal materials,  so you can only see it when it is cast onto a surface.


In the demo above, you can make an image visible by shifting cubes and allowing it to be casted on.

I also found a game that uses a similar concept,in which shares similar styles and means of portraying what I wish to portray.

I believe that this is a promising means of creating aesthetics that would blend well with the narrative.  I am also thinking of embedding narrative in the narrative,  to have an overarching story and several under lying ones.

I think that would be an interesting idea.