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Saw this at the hospital today


Is hope is this cruel thing?

1 Corinthians 13:13: And now abideth faith, hope, and love, even these three: but the chiefest of these islove. Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love


2016-02-06 11.20.31 1

My lovely mother

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Hello 2016-02-06 11.20.14 1My father & I

I decide that nostalgia would be a theme based on images that are only taken by film. I think its interesting to use a mixture of mediums for each of the series? Could that be a possible idea,  to play with different ways of showing a story? If it was a simple photography project then just taking one image would make sense…


Let’s just see how shall we?


Sycronicity:Layers of Infinite Possibilities In A World Of Closing Borders.


Stanza_body1 Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 19.23.55d s2


Version II

“Databody Portrait Of The Internet Citizen” see below for screenshots

The version embeds a human body inside the system as the data flows all around in a slipstream of information


What happens in world of merging data streams?

How will big data empower the system and does this added value allow more freedom or does it seek a more subversive form of control.?

Syncronicity starts to answer this by merging different live streams of real time data to investigate how these visual patterns and organic structures.

I find this artwork very interesting because it combines the narrative of data into  images.

 Stanza, the artist, works on this idea of the city as a display system. I was wondering if the data and stories that I collect can be reflected on a 2d or 3d object.

Sonicity: Songs Of Atoms Time And Space



What I love about this artwork is how it uses the data and the space and convert it into sound.

It creates a soundscape that makes us listen to the gallery’s data.

However what makes me even more intrigued is the way the speakers are arranged. The speakers  are places in different planes and on different height. A good use of repetition not only helps to enhance the visual interest of the space, but is also important in defining the parameters of how much space is being occupied.

The wide range of speakers also allow a wider range of data to be heard. The artist also uses software to convert the streams of data into sound.


There are a total of 170 speakers,Stanza_soncity-


I think how we think about the space is important .


What kind of sound do I want to gather? What kind of  feelings will it invoke? If the audience is responsible for creating the sound, then how much freedom are we giving them?


Monomyth| The Hero’s journey in Journey


Environment 01The hero’s journey

Used in stories for many thousands of years, the Mono myth is this idea of a story structure of a hero. The story is centred around one key character in a certain order.   It makes stories that we know very easy to digest and it is a key link in allowing us to connect with the character’s struggles.

Perhaps more so than anywhere else, the game Journey uses this to guide its entire game narrative.

The game Journey is essentially a game about the hero’s journey. Using the game itself as a metaphor, thatgamecompany created a game that captured the narrative element within the core levels of the game.  The mood of the game is crafted with the same flow of the Hero’s journey.  In his speech, he explained that the games were created with the vision of connecting people. Jenova, creator of Journey, experienced an immense sense of loneliness as he played video games online. Journey was created to connect two strangers online and share an experience.

The entire level design of Journey IS about the struggles of a hero.  Each level was designed with the intent of reflecting the phases that the hero struggles with. I feel that the mono myth captures the flow of what a story is. The beginning, middle and end of a story each has a specific role to play.

The first part of the story helps us to understand the nature of the character, their fear and motivations that led them to start this journey and also make us feel something for these characters.

The middle of the story shows us the conflict and challenges that the character has to face and we become more attached to them as we watch them try to resolve this conflict.

At the last part we find ourselves rooting for the character as they struggle to conquer this obstacle. The struggle that they face parallels our own struggle and we begin to care for the character themselves until their eventual resolution of this conflict, and then the character returns back.

The mono myth structure helps us to understand and even create a sort of anticipation of what is going to happen to the character. Over time it has become a little overused in the mainstream media and as a result we have become numbed to it because of the repetition that arises from its popularity.

Regardless, I still feel that there it is a great structure help us understand how stories are told and playing Journey has helped me understand this universal story a lot better.


Concept for interactive spaces – Building a fan base




So My concept for interactive spaces’s first big assignment is to create an interactive environment using FANS.



Exploring with the concepts learned in lesson.




Quick exploration of organization



Exploration of space with hierarchy using size.



The concept is fairly simple. Place fans around a given space with a grid on to .  Have objects where the audience can create sound and visuals using the fans.


Tentative ideas

  1. Paper – paper makes a great sound
  2.  Balloons with objects inside them like bells , when attached with a weight it will rise and fall.
  3. Pipes
  4. leaves
  5. glass?
  6. Balls
  7. Plastic bag
  8. Cardboard – placed between the blades to create a clicking sound.

The objective is to create an interactive soundscape,

We can even feed the sound into a mic system and use the as the background sound.


I think that the different kind of sounds can really affect how this project will look.

Further more, we can even enhance the visual treat such as adding glow sticks to the fan blades


I think that the space can feel very surreal if we lit it like a neon forest.


Show me the money

Show me the m



The artwork aims to make a statement on the irony of motivation.

Many of us have experienced this before. We are obsessed with this idea of  achieving something that we tunnel vision. In the midst of this rat race, we lose sight of what around us.


I think this idea can be pushed even more. Is it just money that causes this short sightedness, can this also be a result of things place in front of us to misdirect us.

When we think about the media, even social medias like Facebook, how much of the information we receive is carefully constructed to let us see only what they want us to see? How much of what we know is a result of knowledge being hidden from us?


I think it is also interesting that we cannot see where we are heading towards when this tunnel vision occur. I wanted to mock this idea of blinding motivation because even though we are chasing this goal or this object, we will never reach it.  We are merely chasing something that is futile. We look absolutely ridiculous if all we ever do is to chase this futile thing.

IMG_9176 copy IMG_9174 copy IMG_9173 copy



(In all honesty , I did not anticipate exactly how ridiculous it looks though to put an umbrella on  my head. )



I think that while I did think about the concept, the execution of the project could have felt a little more solid . I love the idea of changing how our eyes perceive certain things by simply placement of an object. I love how we can draw parallels between what happens physically to our body and what happens in life. I love the metaphors that we can use to help us understand certain choices better and in the midst of this occlusion and distortion, maybe even see a little clearer.



Color blinded Prototype to Motivation Machine



Prototype failed

The filter effect was not what I expected.

That’s fine, I have another concept to play with…

Putting an item in front of you to distract you.

I want to create a device that will be placed in front of you.

_DSF1938_Shrink - Copy_DSF1937_Shrink - Copy



The core idea  of this is that we are motivated by what we see in front of us. At the same time everything else is blurred out. I had this idea when something was place in my view and my vision just blurred out and focused at it.