This week I  managed to create a tone generator that I can trigger with my keyboard.

The logic of it is fairly simple and I used Bead library for Processing to create this program.

The next step is to hook this up with an analog system so that I can create sounds and trigger it based on the balloons .

In addition to that, I found a way in which I could make the system fairly interesting.


Balloons in the past experiment would fly around randomly. The plan now is to have lesser freedom for them to move and create a hierarchy.

One way this hierarchy can be used is the relationship of the length of the string and the movement of the balloon.

A longer string gives the balloon more area to move, hence more random notes will be triggered.

Arrangement in space is also a key consideration for this project.

The upcoming week will be focused on developing a complete software and then moving on to the physical set up.d6f11a4d-d069-473f-892c-931ef00f2cba

Interesting use of hierarchy using acrylic sticks on wei qi.