FAVOR-A pay it forward app



Through the use of gamification, create a community that is willing to help others  and doing favors for other people in exchange for Karma points

1. People posting about themselves on the internet when they do something good- taking that a step futher.

Question: why do people do that?

It feels good to be acknowledged for doing something good. However there has been many backlash that these people help others to show off on social media. Hence their intention is not genuine. However many argue that posting things online will inspire other people to take action and hence leading to a kinder society.

Problems with that is that favors can be quite intangible and easily forgotten. Also there is no social obligation for you to help another person if no one knows about it.

Solution. Translate the favors into points that you can used to ask for favors from the community.

Everyone starts with no points. You have to help someone first in order for you to be able to ask for a favor.

This changes the mentality of a player from someone who just receives help (passive)  from other people to someone who is has the option to find someone who needs help and help them first (active) .
How is it being used.
1. Every one starts out with 0 Karma points.
Karma points earned from helping someone else calls in a favor. Favors will be shown on a dashboard.

2.You collect points by helping people do tasks in the dashboard.

3.You can give away your Karma points to ask for help.

4.If you wish to organize events such as voluntary works, please submit your request to the developers.