Thoughts about Teamlab

Perhaps for me the greatest take away from teamlab was the mentality in which they choose to approach their art.

Ar t that makes people happy.

Teamlab’s ideology is a response to the modern world looking into the art world. It is a reaction to the instagram culture, to the generation of people who grew up with digital technology in the palms of their hands. It is not just ‘cool’ , or ‘fun’.

Teamlab’s art, unlike most art nowadays, is relevant.

While unlike certain art works, teamlab doesn’t simply strive to say big things with big ideas and big words, it is a reflection on the old , blending in old Japanese aesthetics and values into modern technology to create a harmony not quite often seen. It is inclusive, anyone can enjoy and appreciate what they have created. It social. We do not simply frown in front of a canvas wondering what does this mean, while projecting our own thoughts on to it. Teamlab simply ask us to come together and enjoy.

I have heard artists respond to that idea with a kind of rejection. Some might argue that art is supposed to make you think, not make you happy. I can understand where these people are coming from, yet i disagree with them.

The act of thinking need not to be a traumatic experience that is disturbing. In the serene world that was so beautifully constructed, I found myself wondering and reflecting about the beauty of the world, slowly watching water level rises with a warning of what is to come. I left the space a second time feeling just as amazed as the firs time I’ve seen the works. It is not the merely that the works were interactive, but as a whole the works provided insight into a world carefully crafted in the minds of these amazing people, and they continue to rebuild and reconstruct this worlds.



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  1. Nice response Issac. It’s good to know that the exhibition can be rewarding on repeated visits. One of the striking effects and goals of their work is to create digital experiences that not only make people happy but give people a space to be thoughtful and contemplative. Whether the topic is about climate change or the ephemerality of nature, or philosophies in Asian Art, TeamLab engages all of these in interesting and thoughtful ways.

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