Category: Game Design I




//Two holes, one robot woman. A very challenging puzzle game.


A puzzle platform game that uses physics heavily to explore a never before used mechanics, portals, to solve puzzles and challenges while listening to a very sarcastic narrator which adds a dynamic layer of narrative and humor




//Munch on drugs and hallucinate about ghosts and you try to survive your own nightmare while listening to 16-bit music.


A Classic survival game with the main objective to collect blobs and survive being haunted by 8 bit ghost

Interactivity ( to me)






To me, interactivity is about creating the Personal experience. It’s about being there, being part of the world, the art, the action. Its about an experience you have to make what you create connect with the User. I create games and I would like my game to change the way people think about games. To break free from what we typically understand about games and to create new experiences through games.