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Possible idea for narrative

One of the greatest challenge I face with my project it trying to put all the separate pieces together.

The means of creating the work is an important process, but what am I delivering in the final product is what makes me feel the most worried about.

The project has undoubtedly taken a detour.

Today, 8:11 am, my aunt drew her last breath.


As such, I am lost.

Not only on what to do with my project, but also how do I move on from here.

How do we move on from here.

Where do we go now?

I think…I’m not ready for the answers…

Where do we go now?






“In a riddle whose answer is chess, what is the only prohibited word?”

“In a riddle whose answer is chess, what is the only prohibited word?”

I thought a moment and replied, “The word chess.”

The way the reading sets it apart from any other reading that I have had the pleasure of encountering.
The way the reading starts off sets it apart from any other reading that I have had the pleasure of encountering.

“On page 22 of Liddell Hart’s History of World War I you will read that an attack against the Serre-Montauban line by thirteen British divisions (supported by 1,400 artillery pieces), planned for the 24th of July, 1916, had to be postponed until the morning of the 29th. The torrential rains, Captain Liddell Hart comments, caused this delay, an insignificant one, to be sure. “


Immediately, it hooks you into this work of non-linearity, a reading unlike anything I have ever encountered. One that recognize itself as a reading and uses this mechanics of breaking the fourth wall as part of it’s narrative.

The word ‘Time’ , as Albert puts it, is prohibited because it is exactly what the reading is about.

I found this idea so intriguing, this idea that we can convey the theme by omission, it sparked an idea for my own project. ( But more on that later.) This form of story-telling ran parallel to the “Adventure books” that I played when i was a child.


“Turn to page 32, you encounter a troll.”

“Turn to page 18 if you believe in free will.”

“Turn to page 18 if you believe in free will.”

Yet it managed to capture something so poetic that these “Adventure books” never manage to, the idea of time as a mechanics .

The plot itself was very compelling too. In a earlier part of the story after Doctor Albert had revealed his understanding of the book as the labyrinth, it was hinted that Doctor Tsun will arrive at his house, once as an enemy and once as a friend.

“The rest is unreal, insignificant. Madden broke in, arrested me. I have been condemned to the gallows. I have won out abominably; I have communicated to Berlin the secret name of the city they must attack. They bombed it yesterday; I read it in the same papers that offered to England the mystery of the learned Sinologist Stephen Albert who was murdered by a stranger, one Yu Tsun. The Chief had deciphered this mystery. He knew my problem was to indicate (through the uproar of the war) the city called Albert, and that I had found no other means to do so than to kill a man of that name. He does not know (no one can know) my innumerable contrition and weariness.”


As a spark of an idea, i wonder if it’s possible to craft a mix medium narrative using game, writing and even photos? Would that be an appealing narrative?




Saw this at the hospital today


Is hope is this cruel thing?

1 Corinthians 13:13: And now abideth faith, hope, and love, even these three: but the chiefest of these islove. Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love


2016-02-06 11.20.31 1

My lovely mother

2016-02-06 11.20.03 1

Hello 2016-02-06 11.20.14 1My father & I

I decide that nostalgia would be a theme based on images that are only taken by film. I think its interesting to use a mixture of mediums for each of the series? Could that be a possible idea,  to play with different ways of showing a story? If it was a simple photography project then just taking one image would make sense…


Let’s just see how shall we?


Sycronicity:Layers of Infinite Possibilities In A World Of Closing Borders.


Stanza_body1 Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 19.23.55d s2


Version II

“Databody Portrait Of The Internet Citizen” see below for screenshots

The version embeds a human body inside the system as the data flows all around in a slipstream of information


What happens in world of merging data streams?

How will big data empower the system and does this added value allow more freedom or does it seek a more subversive form of control.?

Syncronicity starts to answer this by merging different live streams of real time data to investigate how these visual patterns and organic structures.

I find this artwork very interesting because it combines the narrative of data into  images.

 Stanza, the artist, works on this idea of the city as a display system. I was wondering if the data and stories that I collect can be reflected on a 2d or 3d object.

Monomyth| The Hero’s journey in Journey


Environment 01The hero’s journey

Used in stories for many thousands of years, the Mono myth is this idea of a story structure of a hero. The story is centred around one key character in a certain order.   It makes stories that we know very easy to digest and it is a key link in allowing us to connect with the character’s struggles.

Perhaps more so than anywhere else, the game Journey uses this to guide its entire game narrative.

The game Journey is essentially a game about the hero’s journey. Using the game itself as a metaphor, thatgamecompany created a game that captured the narrative element within the core levels of the game.  The mood of the game is crafted with the same flow of the Hero’s journey.  In his speech, he explained that the games were created with the vision of connecting people. Jenova, creator of Journey, experienced an immense sense of loneliness as he played video games online. Journey was created to connect two strangers online and share an experience.

The entire level design of Journey IS about the struggles of a hero.  Each level was designed with the intent of reflecting the phases that the hero struggles with. I feel that the mono myth captures the flow of what a story is. The beginning, middle and end of a story each has a specific role to play.

The first part of the story helps us to understand the nature of the character, their fear and motivations that led them to start this journey and also make us feel something for these characters.

The middle of the story shows us the conflict and challenges that the character has to face and we become more attached to them as we watch them try to resolve this conflict.

At the last part we find ourselves rooting for the character as they struggle to conquer this obstacle. The struggle that they face parallels our own struggle and we begin to care for the character themselves until their eventual resolution of this conflict, and then the character returns back.

The mono myth structure helps us to understand and even create a sort of anticipation of what is going to happen to the character. Over time it has become a little overused in the mainstream media and as a result we have become numbed to it because of the repetition that arises from its popularity.

Regardless, I still feel that there it is a great structure help us understand how stories are told and playing Journey has helped me understand this universal story a lot better.


In pieces

in pieces


An interactive website that uses CSS polygon to create illustrations of endangered animals.



Each species has a common struggle and is represented by one of 30 pieces which come together to form one another. The collection is a celebration of genic diversity and an attempting reminder of the beauty we are on the verge of losing as every moment passes. These 30 animals have been chosen for their differences, so that we can learn about species we didn’t know about previously as well as the struggles they have surviving. Many of them evolved in a particular way which makes them evolutionarily distinct.

Take for example the Kakapo, an animal which evolved without natural predators and thus didn’t require instincts to defend itself. Unfortunately — and as is the case with most of the species showcased here — humans began easily hunting upon encroaching their range, then introduced the stoat and other forms of pest control for other species. The Kakapo was almost completely wiped outthrough this introduction and fights on today because of this catastrophic lack of judgement.

When you dig into a lot of research around this topic, it’s not long before you see the real darkness that is going on. Millions of years of evolution has occurred and humans are in danger of ruining it through desperation for financial gain or greed.

There are some species here who as grim as it sounds, would require a small miracle to survive because the numbers are too low to rationally continue to exist, Vaquita being one such example.

In Pieces hopes to educate and inspire, and provoke thought on this complex and intricate topic. I sincerely hope that you can take something new away and enjoy this collection as much as I enjoyed researching, designing and building it. “

I found this website interesting because of it’s use of simple geometry to create very beautiful animations.

Kai xin

When I was young, my aunt would ask

“Ah xian,  Ni  kai xin ma? ” Which translated to, Ah xian ( that’s what she calls me ) ,are you happy?

Of course, I would say   “wo kai xin!” Which meant that yes, I’m happy.


My aunt is  a joyful person. She loves to sing. She loves many things. She is a person of faith, which keeps her strong through this time. She never let us see her sad. Every time we meet her, she would do her best to smile. Every time we meet her, she would do her best to sing songs of praise, Church songs. She does it and it makes her happy.


I believe she also does it cause it makes us happy.


Occasionally, I hear Mom talking on the phone…



” She vomited 5 times last night?”



“She hasn’t been sleeping well?”



I know she is in pain cause she is constantly on morphine. She also gets more and more breathless each time we visit her.

The last time she could barely finish her sentence…

Yet, each time we visit…

Every time actually…

I would ask, ” Ah yi , Ni Kai Xin ma?”


And she would reply,


” Wo kai xin.”


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