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Process and failures



Over the past week I’ve been working on a few components.

Fluid simulation and integration with existing game/scene.

This was done using a fluid simulation, the camera is taking the xy values of the mouse and moving the fish to it using a transform function.

This was also taken to the truss room to test for resolution as well as effect


Exploration of form of fish using 3D

One of the objectives was also to redesign the fish so that it would suit the design of the installation.

fishExploration of form of fish using 2D


This was done digitally using a software known as rebelle. Currently the process might be to create a 2d texture of the fish and then map it on to the 3d model. 2D texture needs to be animated .




Storyboard for interactivity




Some ideas for interaction.


Fish will change color when it is triggered by the player.

Red fish will leave a trail as it swims

Ink Trial of two fishes will interact with each other.

Final product will not be censored.




Phantom Landscape, yang yong liang

Phantom Landscape, yang yong liang


Inspired by Chinese Painting


Progress for interaction.

Fish moves towards point but the rotation is off. So it flops lifelessly.