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hui game + art installation?



At this moment, I’m thinking of creating a mixed media installation.




The installation contains two ways narrative is consumed, passively and actively.

The passive narrative happens at the side of the walls, with projectors showing photos.

These are images that I’ve collected over the weeks before the death of my aunt.

These are images I tried to capture.


At the center of this installation is a game. 

The game is a simple simulation of choice.

What would you do if you have 6 days left to spend with someone you love?

Here’s a prototype I made in Unreal. You make choices in this game, maybe simple straight forward choice or morally difficult choices.  Maybe you need to choose to ignore work for family, maybe you need to choose between members of the family.

In a given scenario maybe you find yourself having to choose between a sick daughter and a dying mother.




While I guess this game would have some  interest, it would be difficult to create a work like this without it feeling overly manipulative. Getting the player to be emotionally involved also makes it challenging.


Perhaps another time…


回程 ( huíchéng = return trip )



Every week, my dad will send my sister and I home.






For the past three months, we would make a stop to visit my aunt before heading back to school.


Every week, I always leave wondering when I’ll see her again.

Every time i wonder if this is the last time.




  1. to return, to turn around
  2. a time, occurrence, occasion
  3. (literary) chapter
  4. the Hui ethnic group
  5. the Hui language


回程 ( huíchéng = return trip ),

回答 ( huídá = to answer ),

回来 ( huílái = to come back ),

回去 ( huíqù = to go back ),

回头 ( huítóu = to repent ),

回忆 ( huíyì = to recall )


My budding idea is the idea of the Chinese word 回.

It encompasses several meaning and layers when paired up with different words, which i believe can be different chapters of one narrative.


The narrative that I am exploring is a story of my home, a personal story based on these words, each word may be tied to different character in my story.



I was heavily inspired by a few photographers.


A while back I was introduced this website.



The story is captivating as we peer into the life  of Phillip and his relationship with his family, it made me think about mine.


I have an idea of a story that I want to share. At the moment I guess I’m just wondering how do I go about telling this.






My first concept is to create a interactive website. One that unravels the story bit by bit…


I like to think that this means of telling the story can help me remember…


And like memories, they are scatter and picked up, left abandoned until triggered…


What kind of interaction would that provide for someone who’s trying to remember?mom dad dad4  mom3 mom4 portrait