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Other fan installations


hans haacke, blue sail, 1964-1965: installation; chiffon, oscillating fan, fishing weights, and thread.






Dereck Kreckler, Littoral, single channel installation, olefin fibre screen, electric fan, 2014. Installation view, Griffith University Art Gallery, Brisbane




Sonicity: Songs Of Atoms Time And Space





What I love about this artwork is how it uses the data and the space and convert it into sound.

It creates a soundscape that makes us listen to the gallery’s data.

However what makes me even more intrigued is the way the speakers are arranged. The speakers  are places in different planes and on different height. A good use of repetition not only helps to enhance the visual interest of the space, but is also important in defining the parameters of how much space is being occupied.

The wide range of speakers also allow a wider range of data to be heard. The artist also uses software to convert the streams of data into sound.


There are a total of 170 speakers,Stanza_soncity-


I think how we think about the space is important .


What kind of sound do I want to gather? What kind of  feelings will it invoke? If the audience is responsible for creating the sound, then how much freedom are we giving them?


Concept for interactive spaces – Building a fan base




So My concept for interactive spaces’s first big assignment is to create an interactive environment using FANS.



Exploring with the concepts learned in lesson.




Quick exploration of organization



Exploration of space with hierarchy using size.



The concept is fairly simple. Place fans around a given space with a grid on to .  Have objects where the audience can create sound and visuals using the fans.


Tentative ideas

  1. Paper – paper makes a great sound
  2.  Balloons with objects inside them like bells , when attached with a weight it will rise and fall.
  3. Pipes
  4. leaves
  5. glass?
  6. Balls
  7. Plastic bag
  8. Cardboard – placed between the blades to create a clicking sound.

The objective is to create an interactive soundscape,

We can even feed the sound into a mic system and use the as the background sound.


I think that the different kind of sounds can really affect how this project will look.

Further more, we can even enhance the visual treat such as adding glow sticks to the fan blades


I think that the space can feel very surreal if we lit it like a neon forest.