Art History: Week 2 Journal

“What is your favourite Buddhist Temple in Singapore? Why?”

Unfortunately, i don’t have a favourite Buddhist temple because i’m not a Buddhist and so, i did not know how to put down my response to this question at first (which was why i took so long). Coincidentally, I had a conversation about Buddhist Temples with my uncle when i visited my grandma’s during the chinese new year holiday. The conversation started with my uncle asking me to draw something for me to hang up in his house. Then i asked him what he wanted me to draw. Being a Buddhist himself, he said he wanted a drawing of a Buddhist Temple, more specifically the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple located in Chinatown.

While thinking about what to write for this post 2 weeks ago, i did some research and came across this temple because it was listed in the top 10 best buddhist temples in singapore. I have to say, it is a very beautiful temple. I find the exterior of the temple simply amazing and i’m sure the interior will be too. Going back to the conversation i had with my uncle, I told him that we were learning about buddhist art in art history and he was very interested in listening to what i had to say. I also asked him which temple he usually visits and he replied that he normally goes to a temple in Eunos (which i forgot the name of).

So for now, the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple will be my (and my uncle’s) favourite buddhist temple.

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