“What did the rest of you find most interesting in today’s excellent presentation on the Hindu Temple?”

I think the team did a great job of setting the atmosphere at the beginning of the presentation with the bananas and the jasmine scent. I really like the interactivity and i was thoroughly engaged throughout the presentation.

The presentation was also very well organised which allowed me to follow and understand the presentation easily. For example, they started with the history of the temple, then moved on to the structure, the god/godesses, rituals, etc. Even though i did not visit the temple personally, it felt like i was there during the presentation.

Overall, i liked the presentation very much and was able to learn alot from it.

“What is your favourite Buddhist Temple in Singapore? Why?”

Unfortunately, i don’t have a favourite Buddhist temple because i’m not a Buddhist and so, i did not know how to put down my response to this question at first (which was why i took so long). Coincidentally, I had a conversation about Buddhist Temples with my uncle when i visited my grandma’s during the chinese new year holiday. The conversation started with my uncle asking me to draw something for me to hang up in his house. Then i asked him what he wanted me to draw. Being a Buddhist himself, he said he wanted a drawing of a Buddhist Temple, more specifically the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple located in Chinatown.

While thinking about what to write for this post 2 weeks ago, i did some research and came across this temple because it was listed in the top 10 best buddhist temples in singapore. I have to say, it is a very beautiful temple. I find the exterior of the temple simply amazing and i’m sure the interior will be too. Going back to the conversation i had with my uncle, I told him that we were learning about buddhist art in art history and he was very interested in listening to what i had to say. I also asked him which temple he usually visits and he replied that he normally goes to a temple in Eunos (which i forgot the name of).

So for now, the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple will be my (and my uncle’s) favourite buddhist temple.


Like most people here in ADM (I assume, because we rely heavily on visuals), I believe i’m more of a visual learner. I used to draw mind-maps and write my own notes because I remember images better than I remember text. I have always wondered why I was able to recall information more easily that way so, I turned to google and did a search.

“By representing information spatially and with images, students are able to focus on meaning, reorganise and group similar ideas easily, and make better use of their visual memory.”

It is literally “photographic” memory. When I study and remember the mind-map as a whole image, it becomes easier for me to pick out specific information that I need.

I also find that I learn better with friends. In JC, my friends and I used to study together all the time. That way, if any of us had any questions or topics we didn’t understand, we could ask one another for help. When we had discussions, those who were weaker in that particularly topic was able to learn from those who had better understanding of that topic.