Motifs and patterns from nature found in cities


Here are patterns and motifs created from my own images, images of how nature and man-made objects in the city interact. Some say that the intervention of man has corrupted nature, but I tend to believe that there can be a cooperative and symbiotic relationship between both monolithic, artificial elements and the natural world.


Another concept that I’d like to propose is that cities have made certain elements of nature more accessible, which I find somewhat ironic. With the interconnectedness of modern cities and the modern world, natural produce and natural resources from all corners of the globe can be whisked into your local┬ástores and supermarkets, the food we eat and even the clothes we wear all potentially come from somewhere else. Perhaps I might be digressing but I believe that this amalgamation of nature and the modern world is becoming increasingly apparent and pervasive in our everyday lives.

3Here, enjoy some fishes. :3

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