Function, Human/ergonomics & emotion

There are 3 main categories or dominant factors that influence the aesthetics and form of a product. They are based on function, ergonomics, and emotion. Most products are a varying combination of all three, with different products placing differing emphasis on each of the factors, in this triangle of aesthetics.


Firstly, function based products.


As the name implies, the design of such products is primarily to carry out a function or achieve an objective. My choice would be the multitool/swiss army knife. These ingenious products consolidate a multitude of tools into a compact form factor. One such multitool is the Leatherman wingman!

This precision tooled and crafted gizmo ingeniously combines several tools into a compact form factor, that is both functional and structurally strong to handle the stresses placed on it. This compact thing that fits in the palm of your hand has a pair of scissors, a knife, plus and minus screwdrivers, a file/mini ruler, can and bottle opener, package opener/seatbelt cutter, and finally a pair of pointed tip pliers with a clipper. I personally own one and I must say that it has been a very useful and helpful tool in the workshop and even outside of the workshop, and I carry it with me in my bag always.

Secondly, products designed with human factors and ergonomics in mind.

My product of choice is called the Wristocat. Basically, it is a levitating support that allows your wrist to float above the table, supported by a magnetically levitated rest.

strong repelling magnets are located in both pieces, such that your wrist is never in contact with the surface of the table. I think this is great as it will bring greater comfort, and more importantly prevent issues like strained hands and wrists, chafing from repeatedly rubbing against the table surface, and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome!

Thirdly, a product of emotion!

It would be the Hublot Big Bang Unico Sapphire. Watch lovers like myself would love this. Especially the transparent construction that reveals the internal constructions and components.

the mechanism and sheer beauty evokes a sense of awe and appreciation in the precision of its sheer complexity and construction.

It is more a show piece than a time piece in my opinion, but it is oh so beautiful. A status symbol and an object that would make watch lovers look on in awe.

In summation, products all straddle the three realms of function, ergonomics and emotion, but some gravitate more in one direction than others. That’s my two cents on it. Thank you!

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