DR3005 – Week 3.5 progress

Building on the feedback from the previous presentation

We realised that we focused too much on the utilitarian and functional aspects to define our design.


The piece should have a meaning of its own, a narrative and a reason for its inception.

To identify the attributes that define NTU and its students.


Taking cues from the fern bench, we realised that the piece had to be strategically located in a place where people/students in the NTU community felt inclined toward it, that people did not need to go out of their way or their comfort zones to interact with it. Something that appeals to the senses.


A bird’s nest is a symbol of the home. It reminds us that we strive to make our home a place where family members grow and prosper. Considered a good luck symbol, the bird’s nest represents love and warmth, enthusiasm and commitment. Nests provide birds with support and warmth, concealment from predators, and protection from the elements.


During the class discussion, here is our takeaway from the example of the vase:


The ability to hold water, fluids or items within (Inherent / denotative value)

As a status symbol (Subjective / ascribed / connotative value)

Something that holds value in a certain context and society

Our challenge here is representing a quality or feeling in a tangible form

The contrast between Connotation vs Denotation


Our NEW direction


From the attributes and qualities that represent the bird’s nest, we extracted those that paralleled the qualities of NTU and its students.


The concept of the nest


The nest as the home/place of growth and nurture

Represents how NTU nurtures us and enables us to be better equipped to face the real world

The state we enter university in can be likened to newborn baby chicks

In some sense it represents a state of infancy, but also great potential

The nest symbolises a place of development and maturity, enabling us to realise our potential

The nest is also a symbol of prosperity, health, happiness, friendship, good luck, new beginnings, life, growth and family stability,

Bird nests are built with carefully chosen branches and twigs, they represent a certain dedication, sincerity and honesty.

Birds and animals also choose the most conducive environment to build the nest, therefore by having a ‘nest’ in NTU would suggest that it is an ideal and nurturing environment.







Points (Quoted):

  • constructing these structures is a detailed and difficult undertaking.
  • The female builds the nest by carefully weaving grasses, twigs, and scavenged yarn over a fairly long period of time.
  • For every type of nest, finding the right building materials is essential.
  • Birds can spend a whole day in their quest for the building materials their structure needs.
  • Each technique requires a design planned in advance, and is of such a complexity that couldn’t be expected from creatures without intellect or the faculty of forethought.


Takeaway from readings


The bird nest was constructed carefully where effort was emphasised on the perfection of materials and form, only choosing the best twigs and grasses to construct the nest.
The bird puts their heart into the construction of their nest nest because it provides a safe environment for themselves and their offspring.

Qualities of NTU Students

Here are some of the possible qualities that we have identified in NTU students:

Resilient, self-Improving, adaptable, compassionate, tenacious, self-reliant, innovative, trustworthy, diversity, genuine/sincere.


We shortlisted this attribute of genuineness and sincerity

Sincerity / genuineness / Honesty


What this means in a design perspective is that forms are:

Honest, clean and unadulterated

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