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Ego – Panel Four: Escape

^My name, John. A. My own calligraphy. Scanned and converted to PNG. Created motifs on Photoshop. Played with size and colour and rotation to create spirals. 2 Different versions ——————————————————————————————————————– Sobriety. My own calligraphy. Below different versions edited on photoshop    ^the final version that i was most satisfied with 🙂 ^My drawing of an eagle. ^Inverted ^Merged with my… Read more →

Ego – Panel Two: FTS

My own calligraphy – ‘Fuck the System’. Then digitally manipulated. Then superimposed on itself. ^Reflects my rejection of the greater society due to it being impersonal, superficial and dehumanising. There exists a lack of compassion and understanding. Bigotry and narrow-mindedness prevail. Different is seen as bad and people merely conform to societal norms and expectations. Sheeple. Merely following the herd.… Read more →

Ego – Panel One: darkness and light

ME Its me. Glitched. Much colour. Very wow. Actually not really. Done with glitch app.   Below are works in progress. Multiple staggered images on photoshop. Toggled with different effects.   The final pieces below. Also rotated the images 90°, 180° and 270° and inverted colours. Played with opacity. Good side of me (light) + bad side of me (darkness)… Read more →

Project Ego – Initial

  I was inspired to experiment with patterns and colours. The initial rough idea was to try out clean lines and cool, analogous colours on the colour wheel. These are patterns I created myself using some images and a mobile phone app called kaleidoscope. As the name suggests, it converts any image into a nice pattern print. Read more →

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