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A Journey in the making. A Journey already made. A Journey from the West. A Journey through the night

My film will be a collection of images taken in the evenings and at night, throughout various places and spaces in Singapore.  I love the evening and how the dark envelops everything, giving it an aura of mystery and allure. You know what you’re seeing, but can’t be sure if what you’re seeing is really what is. The lights in… Read more →

Ink-stained hands

My photos were intended to reflect the frustrations that we face everyday, the disappointment from realising that we aren’t as good as we thought we were. More specifically referring to artist’s block, akin to writer’s block. The stunning image that you envision in your head or that you hope to achieve may not necessarily be translated into paper, or you feel a… Read more →

Random musings

Time is inconsequential. Life is fleeting, transient and ephemeral. What are the infinitesimally small odds that you even came into existence in the first place? Floating in the cosmos. That’s what you were. That’s what you will be. You are merely a grain of sand in the grand and magnificent scheme of the cosmos.  Read more →

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