Category: Pattern, Art, Design, & Arch. 2016/17 Sem 1

Mandalas as motifs

After the previous experimentation with photo-manipulation, I decided to turn toward a more abstract direction of digitally created, vertically symmetrical patterns. On the concept of cities, mandalas have often been said to be ideal city plans, with the core, or nexus, right in the centre, and extensions radiating outward on all sides, fluidly as though a flower in bloom. This… Read more →

Motifs and patterns from nature found in cities

  Here are patterns and motifs created from my own images, images of how nature and man-made objects in the city interact. Some say that the intervention of man has corrupted nature, but I tend to believe that there can be a cooperative and symbiotic relationship between both monolithic, artificial elements and the natural world.   Another concept that I’d… Read more →

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