Produced by:

Shoki, Xinyi, Darren, Jacob.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 7.09.38 pm

An adaptation of the Truman Show into a 90’s Asian setting:

We got together to pick a narrative we all liked before starting on the plot of our adaptation. We picked The Truman Show because of its dark theme revolving around great powerful corporations infringing human rights and the exploitation of people in difficult circumstances.

With that, we came up with quite a few ideas but decided on what we thought was most feasible, realistic and emotional. We decided to toy with the idea of unethical drug experimentations on people who are in need of quick money. To dramatise the scene and to pull forth the emotional factor, our main protagonists are orphaned siblings.





Time was an important factor in the process of our filming. To maximise our efficiency, we worked in a systematic procedure that can be summed up as follows:


  1. Researching on existing movies and stories, and deciding on one that we deemed feasible for a 5 minute adaptation.
  2. Drafting the storyline and script.
  3. Creating a storyboard to envision scenes and how they would be filmed. (camera angles, lighting, sequences, time of filming etc.)
  4. Discussing roles, and the availability of props, locations and equipment (especially important since we wanted to recreate the time period of the 90s.)
  5. Finalising a script by splitting it into its respective scenes. This was useful as it allowed us to keep track of all the scenes we could film in each location, as well as the props needed for each scene.
  6. Dedicating a full day to filming.
  7. Editing the recorded footage and researching on appropriate soundtracks to complement the film.
  8. Creating the title near the end of the film.
  9. Presentation!



To get the traditional 90s video effect, we used a VHS  camera app on the iPhone. Most of everything else that gave the 90s vibe was largely from the props we put together, some of which were inspired by the following:

paranormal-activity-has-created-a-spooky-virtual-reality-game-that-is-sure-to-make-you-cra-469670Screen shot 2015-10-11 at PM 02.00.03



Taken from: Ilo Ilo, Fighting Spiders, Paranormal Activity, VHS Camcorder app,



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Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 6.58.06 pmScreen Shot 2015-11-13 at 6.58.50 pm Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 6.58.39 pm Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 6.58.28 pm Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 6.58.17 pm Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 6.59.00 pm



Fishing area near Changi Beach:

IMG_0827 IMG_0823

Old and unused security room:

IMG_0819 IMG_0811

Abandoned Swimming Complex along Andover Road:





IMG_0840 ddea0be59aa2db38d220557849f16ce8IMG_0839IMG_0815IMG_0810




sound recorder:


makeshift dolly:




IMG_0764 IMG_0762  e1ceb5c786756f562407bc59fa02cb3b c00996ab7da2461dd01a734bca12d1b6 c9a6da64612addc091a535b9a58be65d109696fdf5c4df2f2d706227d3e9828812f0cf4e9c6ba96eb5d936a526304be3e48a42472c9aafdee350669c11ed0e56  0288dd1bbf9a8772658989aaff2f04db627f31d0d9725877b065f0c74bf0b1dd  33a2cac99261fac5b87c225b7a195ebc    09d1e9e72dc44a8c1d6b93d3eb9449d2



sounds and music:

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 7.53.20 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 7.53.53 PM

turning footage into a story:

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 7.55.48 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 7.56.08 PM




Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 7.10.46 pm Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 7.10.15 pm






The difficulties in planning, filming, and acting. All that time and effort spent on a single 5 minute film. I experienced these problems and more in this project, yet I can safely say that I would want to do it again. The satisfaction upon seeing a completed film is simply euphoric. I felt that this was an excellent way for me to learn the ropes of filming as I worked with very talented and dedicated group members, and managed to take away many lessons from working with them.

I’ve always appreciated film, but this project has made me appreciate it to a level far beyond the average viewer. From technical to ideological detail of creating stories that can evoke feelings and emotions in a viewer, this project has reminded me of aspects of why I loved movies so much in the first place.





There were many ideas that we bounced off each other initially. However, the general mood was set when we came up with the initial storyboard for the film, N2230. Through our thoughtful and well-planned pre-productions, I am really thankful for the positive inputs that my group has given to create such a smooth and enjoyable experience throughout. It really helps me appreciate much more how much effort goes into making a short film or a movie.

Looking back, I feel much more experience on our part was needed to visualise how much footage will fit into a time span of 5 minutes as our storyboard had about 12 minutes of footage to be used. To me I feel in this day and age it is important, as trailers and short videos will have to be much better planned to cater to a younger generation with much shorter attention span as compared to what we already are used to.


This project was truly an eye-opener for me. I never had any experience with filmmaking before, thus, from this, I’ve learned a lot. I must admit it is painfully arduous but it’s really fantastic breathing life into the ideas you have conjured in your head. I have never appreciated filmmaking so much until now.


I really enjoyed making this film with my group.  The story idea was something we were all very excited about, which made the filming process so much more enjoyable. Making this short film made me realise that ultimately, planning is the most important process in filmmaking. I feel that we did a thorough job during pre production to plan out the film visually and logistically. With proper planning, we were able to execute our production in a single day.

Looking back at the short film, I probably would have done some things differently. Regardless of this, I am really proud of our work and I believe that making films is continual learning process. Plus it was so much fun!





This project is an aim to understand the consciousness of our own identity (hence the title “EGO”) through simple mathematical equations, which were:

__________ + __________ = ME

__________ – __________ = A BETTER ME

__________ x __________ = AN IDEAL ME

__________ +/- __________ = ME IN 5 YEARS

In this project, my main focus was on colour; to create aesthetic value via colour harmonies, and more importantly, using the right colours to convey the intended characteristic or mood.

__________ + __________ = ME




In this photographic image, my objective was to show a more serious side of myself. Many of us experience inexplicable bouts of melancholy and disheartenment, and I feel that these moments, as much as I dislike them, are what gives me the time and mood to think deeper and to reflect on myself. I often end up pondering on the raison d’etre of my very being, and this is not a side that I usually show others because it is hardly called for.

For this photograph, I chose to keep it black and white. Many pictures with serious notes tend to be monochromatic in nature, and with good reason. Humans see the world in colour, and a rendition of the world in monochrome makes us pause and look closely. Removing colour from a picture helps viewers to focus on the emotional state of the photograph, as black and white portraiture lets the audience see faces and read eyes without distraction. The colour black also encourages us to look at the negative side of life, which is the essence of this picture that I am attempting to convey.


RESIZE slothlike

While some people see this as being very ‘zen’, my parents perceive it as me being sluggish and unproductive. Either way, I portrayed a sloth to define my slow and unhurried nature.

I did not want to use any bold or striking colours in this digital painting, nor did I want too fancy a background. From my past research, analogous colours should be used to create a serene and comfortable design. Simplicity and Peacefulness were my targets for this composition, which led me to use colours which are in said harmony.


sad sloth

This was an attempt of a humorous combination of the previous 2 pictures. The pose of this sloth is almost identical to the pose of myself in the first picture.

In this case, the monochromatic colour is used firstly to bear heavy semblance to the first picture, and secondly to create a stark contrast between ‘comical’ and ‘sombre’, especially when viewing the equation as a whole piece.

__________ – __________ = A BETTER ME




During the idle time I had before the semester began, I experimented with landscape digital painting and I decided to have a go at it for this project. I wanted to represent hope in this painting, very much like my ambition to one day be able to create compelling stories through animated films for both young and old. For this composition, I drew a lone figure ready to scale a mountain to convey ambition.

I used primarily warm colours here to evoke energy, optimism and confidence. I was worried that the lack of colour contrast would cause this image to appear dull, so I played with a wide range of tonal value to avoid too much subtlety.


absent minded

This digital painting is left deliberately dark all over, very much like a failing effort to remember something. Casting a black vignette around the image is an attempt to show that the hiking bag has been forgotten on the seats.

Despite the overall dull piece, I decided to choose colours for the bag to have it still stand out despite having similar tonal values to the rest of the image. I therefore used an RGB triadic harmony for the bag.

An Earlier attempt which did not work out too well:

left bag copy
Looks kind of like a cheap flash game


RESIZE a better me

This is one of my favourite pieces which turned out well for me. The subject in question (who remembered his equipment bag this time) is now perched at the top of the mountain, a signifier of success. This is complimented by warm sun-rays greeting him, seemingly congratulating his achievement.

Again, varying tonal range is used conscientiously to create a more impactful digital painting. Here I used both warm and cool colours to create an aesthetically pleasing contrast.

__________ x __________ = AN IDEAL ME




What better way to convey a talkative character than with multiple open mouths? In this piece, I drew inspiration from pop art, which usually use bright, contrasting colours to create a pop-out effect. For this piece, I drew a single mouth with a Wacom tablet and duplicated it 4 times (hooray photoshop) before filling each quarter with solid colours.

While the whole composition is in tetradic harmony, within each quarter, split complementary colours were used. This is to evoke a whimsical and lighthearted disposition; i.e; loud and ‘outspoken’ colours with hardly any depth. All the colours are fighting for attention since they are all a variation of direct harmony. The result is colourful and cheerful, yet messy at the same time.

(Note: For some reason the colour appears a little off when uploaded on this site. E.g; the top left quarter background colour is supposed to have a much more discernible purple tint to it. Here it looks almost bluish.)


RESIZE speaking with depth

Rather than creating a literal image, I drew abstract lines to express the idea of depth. This reminded me of our First 2D project (a line is a dot that went for a walk) for obvious reasons.

Using Gold lines against a black background gave the lines a 3D effect. I also added subtle blue-purple shadow lines (direct harmony of gold, which is yellow-orange) beneath the gold lines to further accentuate the depth of the gold lines.


RESIZE speaking with depth copy

This piece was rather fun to experiment with. Drawing ideas from greeting cards I came across, I attempted to make a ‘3D’ paper card mouth of my own.

I interpreted the multiplication of the previous 2 images as speaking with depth, so I set the “Depth” image as a background and attached the 3D mouth on it. The mouth carries literal depth of its own as a result of being folded at calculated edges.

To me, speaking with depth means that sometimes it is better to imply than to state the obvious. The result is an implied mouth that carries the right colours for a mouth, but does not entirely look like one either. For example, teeth are not drawn on the white strips, but the placement of the strips alone would imply that they represent teeth.

Earlier experimentations and process shots:

  IMG_0982 IMG_0980


__________ +/- __________ = ME IN 5 YEARS



RESIZE work hard

I painted a cartoon image of myself attempting to create a life-sized replica of a stone henge, on a hot day, with a wooden mallet. This is my portrayal of working hard (not smart). The colours are highly saturated with the intention to show that it is a hot and sunny day.

In this composition, I made use of split complementary colour harmony; Blue and green, with a hint of red to stand out. A red shirt is used also to express the uncomfortable heat that this cartoon self is feeling under the sun.


Image (1)

Scanning a pen-drawn image to edit digitally.


work smart

In this drawing I tried to visualise the conditions that Thomas Edison tirelessly worked under in finding the right material for a light bulb filament. Instead of inventing the light bulb (which has already been invented as depicted), this cartoon self is working on inventing a robot drone.Image (2) (1)                      Another pen drawn scan.

Tonal value is played with here to create depth via emitted light and cast shadows. Blueprints are masking taped to a yellow wall to create direct harmony, and the central subject is wearing red to be at the centre of attention.


RESIZE success

The cartoon self here is only shown in a silhouette, gazing out at the drones carving out an endless line of easter heads complete with full bodies. This is to illustrate success from combining the two ideas of working hard and working smart. In 5 years I will most probably have graduated from ADM and I hope that by then I will have found a career doing what I like to do, which is helping to create impactful stories, and hopefully go on to create stories of my own eventually.

Image (3) (1)

                      More scanning.

In this piece, I select colours to subliminally convey emotional values and characteristics. A large portion of this composition are painted with cool colours; Blue represents idealism and order, authority and contemplation. Green evokes growth and rejuvenation. A black silhouette is used here to embody deep strength and sophistication, as well as power and control. The drones are kept white while emitting transient blue light trails to accentuate futurism.

Some initial sketches:


Rendered calculator buttons to attach to the mounting board:

math symbols

Presenting “EGO” 🙂