Final Project

Presented Video:


Final Cut:


The following pdf was sent to each interviewee prior to the interview:

Interviewee Brief


Following that, these are some of the generic questions, some of which were tweaked to better suit the individual interviewees,
posed to each of them:

Introduce yourself. (who are you, what do you do? Tell me a little about your family.)

How old do you think you can be?

What would happen to XXX when you are no longer around?

Do you have any regrets?

What do you aspire for your next gen? (Hopes and dreams)

What will your plans be for them?

How would you want to be remembered?

What is one memory you have of XXX that you will always remember?

What is one value you want XXX to have, or to learn?

How much do you love your family?

Anything to say to XXX if he/she is here?



And finally a small preview of the studio setting which was used:




The End

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