4D Exercise 1: Scale & Framing

For this exercise, we had 15 minutes to create 12 shots of our partner using a DSLR camera, experimenting with various shot scales and framing angles. After which, we were required to select three that best depicted our partner.

Medium Shot

This shot provides a view of the background, and it also shows the subject’s body language as well as his facial expression. It gives a general overview of how the subject and environment is interacting with one another.

High-angle Wide Shot

A high angle shot generally makes a subject seem vulnerable and powerless, however, in this case, as the high angle shot is accompanied by a wide shot, with the subject looking down the hill, it makes the subject more powerful and overwhelming, as if he is in control of the environment around him.

Close-up Shot

This shot captures the overall emotion of the subject, the blurred background gives the audience a sense of where the subject it, but does not distract the audience as it draws their attention on the subject’s facial expression instead.

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