Project 3 – Animatics (Part III)

Link to Part II (Storyboards)

Project 3 – Image Sequence (Storyboards)

A Turtle’s Journey

“A baby turtle born with an abnormally large shell has to reach the water before it’s too late.”


All assets were created in Photoshop and then put together in Premiere Pro.

Pedestal Shot

Elements that needed to be interacted with were created in separate layers and then composited in Premiere Pro. Below is an example of 5 elements which were composited in one shot.

Compositing – 01 BG layer
Compositing – 02 Turtle layer
Compositing – 03 Trail layer
Compositing – 04 Shadow layer
Compositing – 05 FG layer

Example of different frames in a particular shot.

Different frames in a shot

Water was animated by looping two frames.  The ripples in the water had to coincide with the previous frame to make them seem like they are moving. The white reflected lights were re-drawn at roughly the same position as the previous frame to give it slight motion.

‘Water’ frames

Wide shots were used in my film to portray two things:

  • How small the turtle is as compared to its environment.
  • How far/ close the turtle is to its goal.

Wide Shot 02
Wide Shot 03


  • Add a little music, to enhance emotion/ dramatic effect.


My animatics followed my storyboards very closely, in terms of compositions, angles, etc. Hence, storyboards have to be done well so that creating the animatics will be easier.

It will take a lot of timeif you follow the storyboards to create your animatics,  realise that the angle doesn’t seem right, then scrap everything and re-do the entire scene.









Sequel coming soon…










Project 3 – Image Sequence (Storyboards)

Link to Part 1 :

Story beats for Project 3 – Part 1


A baby turtle born with an abnormally large shell has to reach the water before it’s too late.

Page 00
Page 01
Page 02
Page 03
Page 04
Page 05
Page 06
Page 07
Page 08
Page 09
Page 10
Page 11
  • Did the storyboard/ story turn out as you hoped?


  • What would you do to improve it?

Add more dynamic camera angles and lengthen the duration for intense scenes, for example, when the turtle gets kicked around, and when the wave crashes onto the turtle.

  • What skills do you need to improve?

More ‘clean’ and fluid line work to show a more organic character and sense of movement.

  • What are the most significant things you have learned so far?

If you stare at your small thumb-nail sized panels for hours and hours, you will not be able to visualise the actual composition as a full screen image. Take a break and re-look at your storyboards in full screen, you will have a better judgement on composition

Story beats for Project 3 – Part 1

Story Beats for Project 3

A new-born turtle with an abnormally large shell has to leave the nest and enter the water as soon as possible before it’s too late.


Story outline

  1. A turtle born with a large shell struggles to leave its nest to the water.
  2. Turtle struggles across the sand as the sun gets hotter.
  3. Turtle spots two children running towards it and hides.
  4. Turtle is almost to the water.
  5. A giant wave smashes onto the turtle.
  6. Turtle is washed back ashore back to its nest, something huge approaches it.
  7. Turtle is spotted by the two children from before.
  8. The children helps the turtle back into the water.
Beat boards page 01 (WIP)
Beat boards page 02 (WIP)

Assignment 1 – Fear

For this assignment, we were tasked to tell a story with a single image that explores fear (phobia).

Final Images

Assignment 1A

Image 1 – Before
Image 1 – After

Instead of having the postman running away, I made him fall on the ground, desperately struggling to back away from the dog, which exaggerates the sense of fear in him he has. The clinic door is also open to show more clearly he had just exited from the clinic.

Assignment 1B

Image 2
Image 3

Research and Ideation

  • Fear v.s Phobia

Fear – A normal response to genuine danger.

Phobia – A persistent fear that is excessive or unreasonable (Expressed by a large man afraid of a small puppy).

  • Juxtoposition (Contrasting elements)

Large man afraid of a small puppy.

  • Cultural references

In western culture, it is a common cliché for dogs to bark, chase or attack postmen.

Cynophobia – The fear of dogs

To me, I see fear as a portrayal of dull colours, which makes a scene gloomy, lifeless, and a sense of darkness surrounding the individual. This can be accompanied by a strong source of light which can be cast on the character to show his expression of fear during a close-up or just the character in general in the huge space of darkness.

Image 2

A big-sized postman exits the clinic, after being treated for a dog bite during his shift earlier in the day. He sees a small puppy and falls to the ground as he frantically tries to back away.

I changed the lighting of the b&w image for the coloured version as it didn’t work well with the emotion I wanted to portray. I restricted myself to the use of two colours as I wanted the scene to be less ‘distracting’ and direct the viewer to the main focus of the scene. Dark blue is used to portray a gloomy effect and a complimentary orange is used for the light source.

Image 3

The postman heads home, his pet dog is excited that he is finally home after being leashed at the porch all day. He stops at the gate.