Final Assignment WIP & Class Exercise Submission Update

Class Exercise Submission Update

I’ve updated my earlier post with the ‘Interior Space’ class assignment

Week 2 – 9 Submissions

Final Assignment WIP

The topics I’ve chosen are:

  1. Landscape
  2. Tinted colours

I’ve started by doing the colour blocking digitally.

For the landscape piece i’m referencing the colours fromĀ  a piece by Sargent

Piece 1 Ref
Piece 1 Sketch

For the tinted one I’m trying to stay away from dark tones, and also using a wider range of colours which hopefully works

Piece 2 Ref
Piece 2 Sketch

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  1. In your used of browns, you can shift them here and there. Like shift it towards more orange or more red and some with a bit of green. That will give you more range. Similarly the purple. You can introduce tinted brown that will go with purple. The second image has the same problem for the blue. shift some blue towards more purple and more brown purple. That will improve your range in the dark.

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