2D Project 1: My Line is Emo (Process Pt.1)

Process – Part 1

For this session, we were introduced to mono printing, and it was my first experience with making prints using the print machine,

Applying ink for monoprinting
Arranging leaves onto ink

It did not go quite as planned,

A moment of silence

Shortly after, I proceeded with making marks using objects instead,

From polishing boots to dirtying paper

At the end of the class, I managed to produce a few patterns,

Test Prints 1
Test Prints 2
Test Prints 3
Test Prints 4

Creating the prints by hand was a much easier method and I had more control over how the prints came out.

As I forgot to take home my prints, I replicated what I did in class back at home, and had them added into my visual journal. I initially tried making the prints on regular A4 paper but found it to be too white and contrasting, I eventually went for tinted watercolour paper and it turned out much better.

Various prints with the objects used placed next to them

Below are a few notes i jotted down to aid in my next experimentation with making more prints.

Quick notes for future reference

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