Story beats for Project 3 – Part 1

Story Beats for Project 3

A new-born turtle with an abnormally large shell has to leave the nest and enter the water as soon as possible before it’s too late.


Story outline

  1. A turtle born with a large shell struggles to leave its nest to the water.
  2. Turtle struggles across the sand as the sun gets hotter.
  3. Turtle spots two children running towards it and hides.
  4. Turtle is almost to the water.
  5. A giant wave smashes onto the turtle.
  6. Turtle is washed back ashore back to its nest, something huge approaches it.
  7. Turtle is spotted by the two children from before.
  8. The children helps the turtle back into the water.
Beat boards page 01 (WIP)
Beat boards page 02 (WIP)