Week 2 – 9 Submissions

Week 2-4 Trees

Trees 01
Trees 02
Trees 03
Trees 04


Tonal Exercise

Tonal 01
Tonal 02
Tonal Col 01
Tonal 01 Col
Tonal 02 Col


Master Studies

Master Study 01
Master Study 02
Master Study 03
Master Study 04
Master Study 05
Master Study 06


Texture Paintings

Texture 01
Texture 02
Texture 03


Night Scene

Night 01
Night 02


Interior Space

Interior 01
Interior 02
Interior 03
Interior 04

One Reply to “Week 2 – 9 Submissions”

  1. 1. For the trees, some edges of the leaves or trees can be connected with adjacent patterns — variation of edges.
    2. The night painting is nice. You can blend some other colors in the blue area and similar in the light too. The blue and yellow areas could have some connection.
    3. When you wok on textures, also need to think about the overall form of the object. And each hue has different tonal range. Please take note of that. You may not be able to stretch the tonal range for certain hue. May have to mix other colors in
    4. Night painting, similarly, can find more colors in the dark and in the light.

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