Camera Opera

The camera becomes the protagonist! Fantastic inversion in the role played between the camera and the broadcaster. Though the music could have been more dramatic, I think the overall performance was great. It is indeed a different way of looking at broadcast – an alternative theatre. But once again, when we reflect back onto our watching habits these days through social websites and video streaming channels, it is nothing new. Reality Television would not seem so real if the camera did not play its part. Its the way the angle of capture is taken, the way the camera walks with the character that gives us some form of excitement and interests us.

In my opinion, the way that the camera moves, angles itself and perhaps even ‘reacts’ creates the real-life and Point of View feel, as though we are the person. However, this installation makes us realize the impact it has on us. The curiosity factor. The same reason why we go ‘gaga’ over 3D and 4k resolution videos/movies. The experience of having to feel connected to the flat images that we are coming out of our ‘screen’ , to stimulate as close as possible the world behind those screens into our world – to connect with the images that are going through our mind that will eventually be our memories.

Perhaps, its the experience factor that we bank into our memory tank that we want to not just think about but feel. Hence, our perception is not only visual but gesticulative. I mean if movies like ‘The Blair Witch Project’ and ‘Paranormal Activity’ can hit box office even with the terrible content they have, there has to be something more! This of course my take…..

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