Final Project Ideas

For my final project, I was thinking of doing something that plays an oxymoron situation. ¬†I was thinking of titling it “Singapore on Foot” for now…

I have this plan of taking a video shoot of the different cultures in Singapore through the perspective of a feet. So the plan was for me to converse with people in the streets of different languages but instead of a front face viewing, it will be downward face view and will display me travelling through Singapore.

The concept is to broadcast the view of a typical Singaporean. How we travel through the whole Singapore¬†with the view that faces downwards – Something that I term as ‘D(r)owning syndrome’. I want to capture the essence and proof of functionality of ambience sound and also see how Singaporeans are able to cope everyday with this ‘D(r)owning Syndrome’


Final Project Draft




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  1. There is an interesting juxtaposition between on the one hand, insulating oneself by facing down, while opening up to the world, by broadcasting out. This is an oxymoron too and sounds like a great idea. I look forward to discussing.

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