Final Project Update 2: Methodology and Try out

So after discussing with Randal, I am now trying to create a virtual vision that uses perhaps apps like Google map to navigate myself soley. So the use of eyes is only for precaution but not for the navigation other than looking at the Google Maps device or app.

So I tried this one in School and it didn’t really go too well cause I ┬árealized that the light and the cinematics were not up to my liking ( was constantly out of focus etc) and so the experimentation ended pre-maturely.

I have to think of something else.

Also, during the recess week, I made my way to Singapore Botanical gardens and tried to navigate but it failed cause there are no markers in Google maps within Botanical Gardens. Apparently you need to somewhere near a road like what I did today using NTU Cannteen 1. Then I tried using Orchard Road but after a while, I realized it would be a safety issue. Hence I still have to decide of a location. Didn’t take shots of these though cause I was scouting only ( and its my recess week – chill out time!)

I will come up with more by next week!





2 thoughts on “Final Project Update 2: Methodology and Try out”

  1. I wouldn’t worry too much about the cinematic qualities of the video: your project should reflect, I think, the quality we associate with mobile phones, social media in their everyday use. There is a big difference between making a film, and making a guerrilla style broadcast. Think about the live reports on the news that come over the Internet, or when Skype is used on television, it’s often pixelated or out of focus, etc. So the key thing is to capture the “immediacy” of the action, rather than trying to frame it in more traditional cinematic terms.

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