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Project Hyperessay #2

Thus, the project is centered around navigating the physical world using the virtual world. The theory that both worlds cannot be present with any individual simultaneously is evident here. So there needs to be a constant flow that links the physical world to the 3rd space to illustrate this theory and the dependency on virtual tools by individuals like ourselves.

Hence, the technical realization has been constructed based on the past experiments, consultations with Randal Parker and of course, brainstorming. For the past 2 weeks, I have been trying out different recording techniques to capture the process of my navigation. The first being the voice recording of my process and my feeling, verbally, in one phone while navigating with Google Maps using the other.

The limitations were the visuals and the noise of the surroundings. Hence for the 2nd experimentation, I will be explored the navigation in an unknown route at night. The reason was to reduce noise that would be a form of distraction to me. The overall experience was more focused and there were less disruptions to my path.

However, after showing Randal, we realized that there is no connection or link to the physical world. It was so glued to the Google Maps that we are not able to relate to the surroundings or a see the difference. I had to re-focus on the core objective. The objective of the project in short, was initially to weigh the dependency of virtual tools in our own physical world; to illustrate how the virtual world has taken over the role of the physical world. Hence with comparison to my objective, the direction of my experiments only covered the virtual aspect.


After brainstorming with Randal, we decided since this had a psychological issue tagged that makes it impossible for any individual to be present in both worlds simultaneously, I needed to show the physical world’s disconnection to the present when I am emerged in the physical world. With the advice of Randal, I decided to metaphorize this using the direction and the angle of the camera angle.


Thus, the main component is Google Map and Skype. Hence, I will be using two phones; one for Google Maps and the other for streaming the recording of the Google Map navigation via Skype. I will be Skype to Randal who will then webcast it via Wirecast Pro. The camera angles will not be fixated to the Google Maps app. There will be constant view of my feet and through body transitional views, re-route back to Google Maps in intervals. Hence, this will be live streamed via Skype and to WireCast Pro for youtube uploading. The location will be somewhere far enough for me to reach back to school in 10 mins. However, to spice things up, I decided that I would add a narrative element to this final project. I would put myself in a situation where I am late and I have to reach class in 10 minutes time. This adds the narrative position where the natural panic mode no longer trusts the self but rather trusts the technology. I will strike an analogy, through the documentation of myself navigating, of how individuals in the panic state and urgency will be dependent on the Google Map app to get them to their location in the fastest route. This will further link back back on our disconnection with the physical world once we are emerged in the virtual world. The only factor that I have not considered is the interaction of the viewers in my project. Perhaps, there might be a way, where people could interact with me to help me route the fastest path or to feedback to me.



Reading: The Third Space

When reading this article, to test the essence of this subject, I actually asked my friend who happens to be Dean’s list computer science student, to read this. At the end of it, he just replied, “So the 3rd Space is about servers where we are able to interconnect and exchange data’. Wow… He sounded so convincing, as an engineer which I appreciate but couldn’t be bothered. Now let’s look at this article as an artist.

The third space is something that is constantly connected; connecting the physical world to the virtual world. Perhaps, social media makes this term prominent. The idea of you physically existing to create a virtual identify that leads to the interaction from simultaneous users might be the closest to this matrix.

In my opinion, I am afraid I don’t have much to say about this article not because I agree with it and am actually into this idea but the 3rd space is something that is so complex that I will have to compare it the physical world. To think about it, the only sense organs that will not be useful in this environment is the skin and the nose- touch and smell. But when it comes to communication, the use of touch or smell does not play too significant a part to have caused a detrimental flaw in this mode of communication that is the creation of the 3rd dimension.

However, I would like to take this comparison towards a more mathematical approach since one of my keen interest is in mathematics. The mathematical ‘Euclidean Space’ theory. The theory states that the Euclidean Space is made up of two colliding planes from two different dimensions such that they interlay to create the 3rd dimensions. Today, this space is used to define Cartesian coordinates and analytic geometry. Nevertheless the characteristics are so very similar, in my opinion, as the 3rd space described in to the article. Elements such as Euclidean group that preserves the environment and the use of isometrics to balance the input reminds me of the social media platforms and its participants respectively.  In the weeks to come, I will explain in more details through comparisons of the project we will do.