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Micro-Project: Glitch(y) Art!!!!

First of all, I must apologize for the delay in posting this up. I had some problems posting this up online as the files constantly ended up in quarantine due to my firewall setting that I had set in my desktop. And when I managed to get it out and open it with Photoshop CC, photoshop no longer recongizes it even when I edited it 1/4 down the text file.

So while installing Photoshop CS6, I tried it with Paint in Windows 7.  I edited it directly from the jpg file and opened it with Paint. The results are as followed:


Flower Hands



Windows Glitch 1

Windows Glitch 2

Windows Glitch 3

Windows Glitch 4

After, installing Photoshop CS6 for Mac, I had my go. I edited the code from the psd file instead of jpg.  I got this as the result.


Singapore City


Glitch 1

Glitch 2

Glitch 3

Glitch 4

Glitch 5

Glitch 6

Glitch 7

For the Psd files, I actually started playing with the compression commands which can be found at from the 4th line onwards. So the last 3 glitch art jpgs’ are actually pixellated because I changed the compression.  And as you can see, the windows gets the job done but the mac gets the job perfected!

The whole process of doing this created the randomisation of the art and that it was never going to be what you expected. Imagine if you had to create something that had no plan and hence you could plan the end product. The ability to interpret lies in our ability to explore and accept that this is a form of art.  This kickstarts the process. It initially made me uncomfortable, having to not plan to get randomized image based on your random change. The products that came up during the initial stage was suggestive but not definite. It challenged the mind to continue for progress seemed blurred. However, when you start doing more changes and seeing the change, it is the sequence itself that you see the art. Hence, in the end, it was not just the mere one product that made me see it as an art form but it was the progression through the sequence of attempts that made me see through this art form. I still don’t fancy it but I surely accept it as a art form.

The thing about this art form, is that it clearly breaks the line of perfection or what we percieve to be perfect. When I begin an art form, I always have a perceived idea of the perfect form. This form is my destination and many a times, it does restrict possibilities unless I get inspired by something else. In the research business world, its called mission creeping and it would cause the banks to usually cut your loan amount. But this isn’t the Finance world. Its art! The only restriction is the artist when you do glitch art- there are no restrictions other than that cause its GLITCH! So the working process is something that I think will broaden our perspective. So very different from what I do in real life!

Anyways, was curious about this method so I did a little google about this and came across this rather interesting websites where they can do the glitch for you( though it serves no point for exploration and experimentation)

  1. Glitch Image Generator Animal Glitcher

Open any image file as a word document and you’ll notice a ton of text data that may seem like nonsense. That’s the information that makes up a .jpeg image file. Adding or modifying this information in any way corrupts the image in a visibly recognizable way. Expanding upon this concept, Georg Fischer developed a simple website interface that allows you to upload and image and modify it with “glitch amount” “sjpg quality” levers. Experiment with the generator. Fun stuff indeed.

2.  http://glitche.com/

This is just a website of the app that you can use. The website is actually the one that is quite impressive with the different types of glitch art collage.


The above are just examples of how you can suck the joy of experimentation and exploration but are of course worth trying and see what you come up with. But if you really want to create glitch art, mess that code up. You might end up understanding some parts of the psd code (like me when i discovered the compression component )!