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Reading: The Third Space

When reading this article, to test the essence of this subject, I actually asked my friend who happens to be Dean’s list computer science student, to read this. At the end of it, he just replied, “So the 3rd Space is about servers where we are able to interconnect and exchange data’. Wow… He sounded so convincing, as an engineer which I appreciate but couldn’t be bothered. Now let’s look at this article as an artist.

The third space is something that is constantly connected; connecting the physical world to the virtual world. Perhaps, social media makes this term prominent. The idea of you physically existing to create a virtual identify that leads to the interaction from simultaneous users might be the closest to this matrix.

In my opinion, I am afraid I don’t have much to say about this article not because I agree with it and am actually into this idea but the 3rd space is something that is so complex that I will have to compare it the physical world. To think about it, the only sense organs that will not be useful in this environment is the skin and the nose- touch and smell. But when it comes to communication, the use of touch or smell does not play too significant a part to have caused a detrimental flaw in this mode of communication that is the creation of the 3rd dimension.

However, I would like to take this comparison towards a more mathematical approach since one of my keen interest is in mathematics. The mathematical ‘Euclidean Space’ theory. The theory states that the Euclidean Space is made up of two colliding planes from two different dimensions such that they interlay to create the 3rd dimensions. Today, this space is used to define Cartesian coordinates and analytic geometry. Nevertheless the characteristics are so very similar, in my opinion, as the 3rd space described in to the article. Elements such as Euclidean group that preserves the environment and the use of isometrics to balance the input reminds me of the social media platforms and its participants respectively.  In the weeks to come, I will explain in more details through comparisons of the project we will do.