Pulled by the Roots

Leandro Erlich‘s ‘Pulled by the Roots’ displays a piece which looks like a house having been pulled from the ground by a crane. Roots, like those of trees, appear at the base of the house. To have something so large and what we usually associate with being grounded being suspended in midair is something to think about.


Executing a project. It’s easier said than done.

One particular project that I worked on was for a module called Art in the Age of Colonialism. We were told to create a model art exhibit, an exhibit to do with the colonial age in Asia.

When I began this project with my group, we were rather lost because we didn’t know what topic to choose and how to get started. However, when we finally got settled with our topic, we started to find our way about. We ended up twisting the topic slightly, thinking out of the box. After finding the direction we were headed in, we were finally rearing to go.



According to Doctor Who, time is “a big ball of, wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff”.

I like to think that he is correct, especially in games. Nothing is necessarily linear, it is up to the creator, the player, and the observer. How would you perceive time as each person? How would you alter time as the creator of the game? Do you make it necessarily linear, or can you warp it without your players noticing? As the player, would you play according to the linear narrative of the creator or would you make your own timeline in the game? As the observer, do you see the player going according to the timeline suggested in the game? Or do you see the player in the game time space or in time in the real life?

Deep stuff. 8)