Guest Lecture: Justin

The guest lecture with Justin was a really good experience and it really opened my eyes to the reality of the gaming industry. As much as it sounds fun and exciting to be a part of the industry, Justin also tells us that there is a lot to think about and that there is a lot more that is required to do in order to have a game take off the ground and for it to succeed.

In ADM we are taught to rely mostly on ourselves and the members of our team and to rely on each other’s strengths and weaknesses, we aren’t really taught how to deal with budgeting in the real world, as well as getting others to look at our idea (besides our professors), and have it developed further.

He also exposed us to the different aspects of creating a game, the art, the design, and the programming. While game designers readily understand the difference between art and design in games, it was still refreshing to have him talk about the key difference and why one tends to be more essential and of greater importance and prominence in the success of a game as compared to another. His analogies also allowed me to open my mind to different ways a game can be made, and that I did not need to stick to the ideals and the standards that society or the industry have set.